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Ceremonies and Events

For the happiest day of your life, for any private or professional event, benefit from the support of an experienced driver who will put you at ease during this particular moment.

Your private driver at your service with the vehicle of your choice.

We can offer you places for your ceremony (a castle near Annecy, an upscale restaurant …)

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Quam nec usu nec ratione

Non ergo erunt homines deliciis diffluentes audiendi, si quando de amicitia, quam nec usu nec ratione habent cognitam, disputabunt. Nam quis est, pro deorum fidem atque hominum! qui velit, ut neque diligat quemquam nec.

Ipse ab ullo diligatur, circumfluere omnibus copiis atque in omnium rerum abundantia vivere? Haec enim est tyrannorum vita nimirum, in qua nulla fides, nulla caritas, nulla stabilis benevolentiae potest esse fiducia, omnia semper suspecta atque sollicita, nullus locus amicitiae.

Event Days

Support for organizers and clients of fairs, congresses, festivals and various sporting events.

The service we offer is accompanied, at no additional cost, by booking all your tickets for shows, theater, opera, cinema …

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